Publisher: Henry Holt Books for Young Readers
Published: October 3, 2023
In this cozy picture book about friendship, Mole anxiously decides to journey through underground tunnels to attend a party.
Mole is invited to a party, which is very worrisome. What if the party is too rowdy for Mole? What if Mole doesn’t know anyone there? What if Mole is just too shy to make friends? Mole worries through the tunnels, around Snake’s burrow, under the forest, past Bear’s den, and all the way to Rabbit’s door. But despite all those worries, maybe Mole can find a quiet way to make friends . . .

"Soft, muted artwork depicts an utterly cozy and enchanting world. . . . Mole's self-talk is endearing and all-too relatable. Ultimately, Tatsukawa brings this tale to satisfying conclusion that lets young introverts know they can have fun on their own terms."— Kirkus, starred review
"...a story about anticipatory worry that ends not with forced revelry, but with a “Maybe... next time?” and gentle camaraderie found"— , starred review
"Tatsukawa's adorable illustrations . . . would be at home on any nursery blanket, making the story's handling of social anxiety feel comforting and reassuring."— Booklist
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