Author: Darren Farrell
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers
Published: April 20, 2021
Close your eyes, make a wish, and blow up a storm with this interactive, imaginative adventure for fans of Press Here.
Jonah's nana has always told him that some dandelions are magical and can grant wishes. When a wish turns Jonah into a pirate, it's up to the reader to help him navigate the choppy waters and all the great monsters he meets by blowing the wind, making faces, and doing raspberries.

"Readers will blow, roar, and (best of all) make rude noises to help activate the magic and guide the fun. . . . the story is both amusing and guided by convincingly childlike logic . . . Readers close enough to take in Tatsukawa’s textured details will be beguiled." —Kirkus

activity pages available here
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